The Cloak without fabric.


Remember ‘forward forward x’ for Shantel  back when SEGA was king? yeah. That was the first MK move that I mastered till I quickly realized it was useless against Noob Saibot. I have been thinking about MK a lot recently and I have no Idea why. Anyway, I started talking long walks everywhere cuz it helps me clear my head and I also reconnected with one of my oldest friend. We have known each other since secondary school and in our story together, there are pages that are empty because we get caught up in life and lose touch but we always manage to pick up where we left and just carry on. He reminded me of how I loved to run in the rain, like I had a notebook fetish or something and I said it’s not because of the notebook. I think, other than a mild nuisance to schedules, the rain is like a cloak for some people. You can hide your tears or your ugly shoes in the rain. If it’s a really heavy rain you can run around and scream and just be a child again. I love it. I think we all need some sort of cloak to help us deal with life sometimes, a hall pass from all the stress and problems we sometimes have to deal with. holding it together 100% of the time is exhausting.  Anyway, apart from the rain, I escape through books and music and I want to share some of what I read and listened to in January:

I went back to a folder that has these gems. My favorite from each-Chasing cars, stacks, how to save a life…

I re-read to kill a mocking-bird and finally finished can you keep a secret. I love Sophie Kinsella. I read a lot more than these actually but these two were my faves.


Anyway, I hope you find your cloak if you don’t already have one and if you don’t need one or no longer need one, please let me know.

Be kind to everyone. we are all just trying to figure this life out and we need to be patient with each other. we need to see people just as they are, beyond our own perception of normal. we need to love just for the sake of it and have hope because its necessary