2016… Cho




I honestly cannot find the right words for 2016 in general. It was just too painful. every single month had a tragedy. It was like someone put the whole world inside a dryer, put it at the highest speed and ran it the entire year…

Personally I had highs and lows. I didn’t do all I said I would do but at least…I’m here.

A day before I left home I had a an accident. Nobody died or got hurt, thank God. But it was so scary. Typical Nigeria, as soon as the people around saw I was alone things started going left a bit. I tried to talk to the driver that ran into me : I don’t have time, lets discuss how we will settle  but unfortunately, he was an Uber driver. According to him, nothing could be done without the ‘go ahead’ from his office and they took their sweet time. I called Okpas and he showed up in like five minutes. Only him managed to disperse the crowd that had gathered. see ginger. Anyway, we spent the whole day at the Police station just to get police report because , Nigeria. The next day I left. I almost missed my flight. there was no time to cry or even hug goodbye at the airport. swish. the plane took off. I was dazed when I got here. I was exhausted and scared out of my mind. when I finally joined the living the next evening, I read an email Okpas had sent me : Be brave, be a good girl…all that shit. that’s when I started crying. O God! I thought, I’m really and truly alone.

You see, that’s one thing I appreciate about our culture in general. The way we care for one another. Whether or not we are in the mood to care is irrelevant. Remove the family. Down to the society. On twitter you see young people raising money to help others. tuition, medical, jobs… Our government has failed us but we held each other up. I don’t see that a lot here. Everybody is on their own, minding their business. I guess it works for them. It’s just really strange to me. I saw a girl at a train station with little clothes on, begging. People just walked by without a second glance and I thought about Nigeria. One ‘aunty’ would have given her one wrapper, somebody will buy her agege bread. It’s not a lot but I learned something about my culture: our arms are almost always outstretched towards the next person. Its beautiful. I miss the security of being home. I miss having the security that Aunts and Uncles give. -If shit goes down I could always go to Aunt Mayor’s or Uncle Peter’s …

The last four months of 2016, I was so overwhelmed with stress. I felt like I was constantly moving from one problem to the other. No breaks. I started feeling like a fraud. Like I was just faking my way through everyday, I did not lose sight of my goals though. After a while I shrugged off the dark clouds and continued pushing. Life is not your friend. it is not fair and it is not kind to the weak. I was determined to ‘conquer’ every problem. God helped me.

We lost our dearest Uncle Tom Miachi…

My siblings… God how I miss them. I miss my sister so much. I miss the fact that I can’t go and hide from the world at her house anymore. I miss how she ‘mothers and sisters’ me at the same time. Eddy is that one person that gets shit done. No matter what it is Eddy will find a way. She inspires my soul. I spent two weeks with Iye and it was amazing. Iye has a beautiful heart. Always thinking about everybody else, always thinking about the next project… baddest Jagagban.  Okpas was my rock this year, He was in my corner. He likes to pretend like he’s gangster and shit but he loves Drake- take from that what you will. My mother…God please…

I pray like mad everyday for my Family. They are the people who God put on earth to frustrate my life and I wont have it any other way. I love you guys.

2017 will be amazing. I will continue to learn, I will continue to grow. I will continue to win.  I keep rediscovering myself and my abilities. I have so much Faith for my family and myself. we will win 2017. I hope you do too.

Happy New  year!!!