2016… Ibingibo.

Wow!!! I really can’t believe 2016 is over. It seems just like a month ago I and B left church on the first at 1am after service and now it’s another year already.
A lot has happened in this year, so many things to be grateful for even those things that didn’t seem so great at the time. There’s a song that says “count your blessings, name them one by one”, and I feel like I should do so;
January – I left my comfort zone to England for my LLM despite the forex rate, and it was a scary experience (those who know me know I’m afraid of the unfamiliar).
February was eventful, March, April, May, June…so much happened but if I start typing I won’t stop (plus I have word count to meet up with in my course work)😥😥
In July I welcomed my first godchild, Tamunoemi my beautiful niece (after dealing with her mommy and scaring me silly).
Early August my big brother got married to the sweetest and kindest human.
That same August, B jokingly proposed in the most unromantic and unconventional way possible😂😂 by asking me to elope and do registry wedding. I laughed and warned him not to try me o!
September my godson was born, tweeny actually became someborrys mother!!🤗☺☺ shocking something o!
November I got married, the last thing on my to – do for list 2016😏😏2017 (maybe)…but I married my Ol’gee sooo😋😋😘
December 31st, after having a horrible experience I got the best news ever, my 3rd niece was born😍!!!!!
And somebody will now come and tell me God is not a kind and loving God. I’m sorry if I sound boastful but c’mon, this is just a few of the blessings of my family, not even my own personal blessings o!!! Haaaaaaaa!!!! I have a whole lot to be thankful for.
I’m not saying I didn’t have challenges, trust me I had my fair share but still God kept me, my family and those close to my heart through it all.
I have no resolutions for 2017, I’m just going to wing it😉😉 but I will be a better Christian, daughter, sister, wife, friend and human so help me God!!😇😇
I’m rounding up with my program, moving to a new city to start my life in my new home and I have no idea what to expect but hey, I had plans for 2016 and look how it all worked out better than I expected 👼.
This year I’m trusting God wholly and leaving all my negativity and fears of 2016 behind.
It can only get better😇😇
Happy new year!! 🎶🎶🍾🍾🍾
P/s: I didn’t meet my target goal weight in 2016😣😣 will get back on the wagon this year though*fingers crossed

Excerpts from 2015, Bonjour…

Hi friends, i hope 2015 was as fruitful as you predicted last year or better yet as you predicted by the 1st day of January 2015. I am glad I am alive to write this, this 31st day of December 2015. I am glad you read my excerpts fron 2014 and you are here to read another one from me today. how was the year for you? Mine started with me making a huge decision- I told my boss that I no longer wanted to be an employee as I envisioned myself being an employer. this meant that I was no longer on a regular salary. I started the year with so much enthusiasm and i ventured into private practice/patnership. My boss, my super awesome boss Barrister Osammor in his usual way supported my ‘transgression’. To my friends, I am sorry this will translate to my being extremely busy and I might not stay in touch as much as I used to and for this I sincerely apologize. Good News! I started the year with a vision of being a proprietor and today Enapsons and Co. exists as a law firm doing jobs for important clients. (God has been merciful)Finacially, the year was not so fruitful but it brought so many experiences my way for which i am even more grateful ( I represented INEC in two election petition suits and as a lawyer in full time practice, this is huge.)
LOVE: i have talked a lot about work, what about love? LOL. Mr Jojo Nwanem Odikwa Incredible’…boy did I lose at love. hehehe ( I dont want to talk about it oh) I got back with someone I hold in High regards and the only person I have ever pictured a future with and… I broke it off. well, family comes first. I cant render explanations here but for once I know I wasnt an ass.
To my Brother Chief Victor Iye Amurawaye Enapson, I have never stopped looking up to you. the things you have been through and survived in life ehn, hmm… you are a Don, a gee, you are a god but again you have to be. you are Chiefs first son, we expect nothing less. you are incredible and I love you.
Eddy, the toughest Enapson. LOL. I want you to know that I notice when you force a smile. I have known you my whole life. I know baby and as God has kept you strong it means you made the right decision. Daddy will be proud of who you have become- a strong, intelligent and wise lawyer, a strong woman. thanks for being our pillar, thanks for making us tough. ( she used to slap taxi drivers and bus conductors back in the day Lol, dont let the good looks fool you) Miya and Nali are the luckiest kids on earth.
ChoCho; Chocho more awesome than Jojo hehe. well, I will only admit this today; you smashed all my academic records and made me look ordinary in our home and for that I am really happy. 2015 I pulled a lot of successful pranks on you hehe (so gullible
). 2015, no one got me like you did, you are too intelligent for your age. As much as I am happy for who you are now,I am so sad your main Daddy (Dad) isnt here to read what you have written so far or to sense what you can conjure. next year you will go away and I will miss you. ( You know I will cry as I am the cry cry master LOL) but I will visit you, I will talk with you everyday and if you need anything ( as daddy did) just know we will provide by Gods grace. Just ask and it is done.
Sweet Mother: who sat and watched my infant head when sleeping on my cradle bed and tears of sweet affecton shed? my mother. We boast about how we had the most incredible Dad and we have always been foolish to realize that it is even a greater loss, losing an incredible husband. what a woman, what a strong woman. you are presently on a mountain in Lagos praying for us like really, what a woman. Eddy picked all her strength from you. I remember going to KSU one time and a guy (Customs officer) wanted to chance me in the vehicle for the window seat LOL, you threw his bags out of the vehicle and told him “My husband is a bigger officer than you, dont you dare mess with my son” hehehe my heart belongs to you mummy. All you have to do is ask mum and though I am not chief, with Iye we will try to make life as blissful as it used to be for you. Recently we talked about schools and you mentioned that back then you never wasted time when it came to schools. today we go any and everywhere and we represent . its all you mummy. I cant wait to give you more grandchildren. i am certain Dad was glad to have spent his last minutes on earth with you. LOVE YOU MUM.
Doggy Boy AkA pharoah. Lol. I was raised with umost love and to have love for pets. i remember i used to request for my dogs to be taken to school with me as a kid and it was done. smh, I have three dogs now but I will only write about Pharoah. I am presently writing from the garage and he is right here with me. I have always loved dogs just like daddy and I love Pharoah.
2016; I promise to work even harder. I promise to better myself, i promise to correct past mistakes, I pray in the name of JESUS that the new year will bring new blessings to you and yours( in my usual fashion, make your resolutuions and kiss) happy new year! God bless you.-


As I think back on how the year went by, I see the abundant grace of God and I offer Him ceaseless praise.
The year began for me with a lot of dreams, goals and plans for which some were fulfilled though not according to my plans but according to how God planned it even when at the said moment it was not making sense for me.
Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan but if you trust God to pilot your plans it will end well. I have had my moments of disappointments were things did not go well but along the line I was taught patience, determination, gratitude and trust in God. One of the thing that saw me through 2015, was the attitude of gratitude that wherever I am right now it’s by the mercy and love of God.
There are so many things that I am grateful for in this 2015 but here are a few ones:
a) the faithfulness and mercies of God: the journey throughout 2015 sometimes have been exciting with some potholes here and there but God remain faithful and His mercy kept me.
b) Family and Friends: I have heard the saying that you don’t select the family you are born into but you select the kind of friends you have. Friends are important in life’s journey and having the right ones help in easing the tedious journey. I am grateful for the insightful and thoughtful friends I am blessed with.
c) those that influenced me through their ministry: Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and Rev. Fr. Richard Ehusani. Reading their books and listening to them inspired and comforted me in 2015. What you read and listen to not only help you in forming an opinion but also serve as an oil that ease the engine of your journey.
Conclusively, new years come always with resolutions, dreams and hope and mid way into it comes a sharp, unexpected situations that seeks to frustrate or stagnate you but with faith and total dependence on God, commitment to your dreams with the eyes that keep seeing the vision you have for your life, you will accomplish and be what you want to be. Shalom!


The year 2015 in review: 10 Lessons learned

The year 2015 has been a very eventful year not for just me, but for every Nigerian. We witnessed the beginning of a new government, we got a new global development agenda, we got to hear new songs-Godwin, Skeskeboboske, High Notes (a personal favourite), new jokes, and so much more!
Personally, 2015 came with a few challenges, new decisions to make, the loss of a dear cousin, a sick loved one. However, it also came with a lot of lessons of which I would love to share 10 with you!

1. Keep friends and family close- Your present situation is not likely to last forever. If you’re presently in a state of euphoria (good job, great marriage, family, or “singlehood” etc), you should ensure you still have family and friends who have your back when you run into minor or major challenges. Call or visit them once in a while. In your scale of preference, ensure the people who show up for you in times of trouble come first.

Not to scare you but life is very transient so, it is important to value our loved ones while we still can.

2. Networking will take you very far in life- It’s also important to make new friends/acquaintances! Networking is still one of the fastest ways to get yourself that ideal job or funding for a project. It took a lot of us a long time to know that most times, it’s not about your academic qualifications.

3. Being shy won’t get you very far in life- You can get away with it the first few times you meet people, it may even look cute in the beginning but at some point, we have to outgrow it. I overcame mine by thinking that I would rather make a fool of myself than lose cool opportunities.

FYI: Public speaking is scary, even for people who seem to be bold. If you are scared of speaking in public, you can start with smaller audiences of five to 10 persons and keep expanding your range with time.

4. Don’t misuse opportunities: Life always finds a way of giving you chances. For instance, it may entail volunteering without being paid for some time, sacrificing your weekends or working under someone very annoying. But guess what, it’s always for a short while. Mind you, the short while maybe two months to five years but when you begin reaping the benefits, you won’t even remember how long the “short while” was.

Also, it is important to be efficient and effective when given an opportunity. Ensure you provide quality services/outputs/outcomes.

5. Curiosity didn’t really kill the cat: Well, it didn’t. It just made the cat wiser. It’s important to read more, and ask questions. Drop your pride and gain more knowledge, even for the easiest of things. Don’t forget that Google is your best friend. If you don’t have access to the internet, there is likely to be one person who will have the answer to your question, the person may be found in your church/mosque/shrine, salon, market, etc.

6. Don’t be afraid of being an “I too know (ITK)”/Over Sabi/ Achekumaka/“Notice Me”: We have lots and lots of names for them in Nigeria. It’s okay to want to sit in front in class or during a conference. It’s okay to want to ask the lecturer or speaker questions if you don’t understand. It’s okay to volunteer during that summit. It makes you meet more people, usually with higher intellectual capacities that may be useful to you in the future.

7. Inequalities/Empathy: 90% of people are not poor because they are lazy. Inequalities of opportunities, outcomes, geography, gender etc, play a huge role in determining how big your dream is and the possibility of you achieving those dreams. In Nigeria, it has been stated that where you are born, determines the level and quality of education you are likely to get. The woman you blame for having 10 children is probably not empowered enough to use or demand that her husband/partner use a contraceptive when having sex.

I discovered that there are many levels of inequalities and while I may complain about what I couldn’t achieve this year, there are other young women and men out there who believe that what I have achieved this year is impossible for them due to their economic and social status.

This is where the empathy side kicks in- in 2015, I learned how to bridge the gaps in little ways. I realised it won’t cost me much to pay for a girl’s school fees in my village, I also learned that learning how to read can empower a lot of girls, so with help from an organization, I started a little literacy club for girls.

8. Self awareness: Knowing what your present economic and social status is can help you go a long way. This is like taking a baseline survey of yourself.

The truth is you may not even have the perfect picture of what your future goals are, sometimes, you can get a hang of it from what your present needs and passions are. You can keep experimenting until you finally decide what you want.

This year, I took an assessment of myself and I learned that I may likely not get things offered to me on a platter of gold so I decided to work really hard towards developing my professional skills. My assessment has enabled me improve myself professionally while I still continue the process of figuring out the best way to continue my education.

9. Ignore motivational speakers sometimes: True talk! I remember as a young girl in secondary school, a motivational speaker came to talk to us about how we can succeed in life. He spoke about how sleeping too much can make you a loser. He scared us with tips like if you sleep for 8 hours in a day, in ten years, you would have slept over 3 years of your life away. I’m not sure if he knew the implications of what he was talking about. It is medically recommended that people should get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Sleeping below 8 hours a day can reduce a person’s productivity and his/her ability to retain information.

Also, entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody. 9-5 jobs do exist and there are talented people who are meant to work in this cadre with dignity.

Within the last one year, it seems like the more I listen to 90% of these motivational speakers, the more they love to provide unrealistic repetitive quotes for people to listen to or read from their books on “how to be successful in life”. Sometimes, they also seem to downplay the salient points that have made the “odds be in their favour”.

Some truths could be- My father/mother was/is a diplomat, professor, business man/woman etc, so I had access to useful information that can make me excel in life; I was always the last person to close by 12 am in the morning because I had a car or I lived in a safe neighbourhood, my father/mother gave me N20,000 to start my business in the 1970s/80s when the value of Naira was really strong, I had to be a suck-up to get that job or the funding for that project, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, listen to the useful things the speakers have to say, if you think there are changes in your life you ought to make, please make them but when it is difficult for you to pinpoint practical lessons you have learned from their books or presentations, please, don’t beat yourself up about it.

10. Give yourself a break: In 2015, one other thing I learned was that I will constantly make mistakes, and this doesn’t mean I should sit down and moan about it for the rest of my life. I know this is cliché’ but it is important to use those mistakes as teaching moments for myself.

I also learned that if you think you are in any form of relationship be it professional or personal that leads to any form of physical or emotional abuse. Please let go. There is no need to be around people that make you feel pain, hopeless and empty.

I further learned that I should literarily give myself a break. As the work load continues to increase, don’t forget that no one is indispensable. Learn how to say no to some tasks and requests. It is good to take a break once in a while from all the hustle and bustle to rest, rejuvenate and come back stronger and better.

Conclusion: This write-up is really about telling you to do a lot of relaxation while working really hard. It seems self-contradicting right? Well, it is possible and I look forward to applying these lessons to my life in 2016.


One of the lowest points of my 2015 was when i lost, ( or almost lost my job) in Jan. I was 9mths heavy with my second girl and i honestly could not believe how badly my year was starting! I could not process how I would adjust after working at a job for 6years. oh, I was sad. However well I hid (or tried to hide) it, I was devastated. but alas! God stepped in and I was reinstated and eventually got a better placement in the same organization.

My highest point undoubtedly was when i gave birth to my beautiful Nali. Her pregnancy was a difficult one and my body went through every change imaginable. I was my sickest, slowest and crankiest throughout the pregnancy. The labour was HELL!!! But like the saying goes, nothing good comes easy, boy was I rewarded! she was and is just perfect. she completes our little family and bring joy to us with every, smile, gurgle, dance etc. I feel like I won d jackpot every time I look at her.

This year has taught me a lot but formost in my mind is that i have learnt that i am truly favored of God!! There is just smthing special about the way God loves me. He keeps me, protects me, provides, walks with me, soothes me, rocks me… through it all he never leaves my side. where other fall i stand, where others fail, I succeed.

I have matured so well in 2015. I have learnt humility,patience, strength, love. I have learnt a new secret on how to make my marriage work. i am truly grateful to God for everything in my life today and I look forward to greater challenges which will mean greater successes in 2016.

so cheers to the New year!!! May it bring all we hope to see and more in Jesus name, Amen.


more posts coming this evening…