The Mummy.

“Who sat and watched my infant head when sleeping on my cradle bed and tears of sweet affection shed,My mother”

We all love that poem. It perfectly describes a mothers love for her children.. what it does not tell us is that good mothers are not fun people. At least not all the time. The process of ‘sitting and watching ‘ our big heads is not an easy one because as kids it’s like our default button is set on self-destruction. It takes the constant, painful sweet devotion of mothers to reset our brains and set us straight. I am not a mother yet so I do not fully understand the sacrifices and pressure and difficulty that goes into raising a child but I have a little idea and as little as it is, it’s amazing. It’s so amazing.
Yes I Know God planned you and sent you to your mummy’s womb because he has a purpose for you and all but what if your mummy decided, ” look. I cannot. I just can’t. I don’t need all the stretch marks,saggy boobs,saggy and expanded hooha,and all the other changes she had to go through or sacrifices she had to make.
you will never know how it feels when your child is seriously ill and you just watch helplessly because there is nothing you can do. unless you have a child and you’ve gone through that. I remember when my niece was seven months or so and she fell ill. she stopped eating,stopped playing, she became so weak..on the morning before my sister took her to the hospital, she looked terrible. she couldn’t even cry. she looked like she was going to die. we were both thinking it, my sister and I, but none of us could say it out loud. we got on our knees and prayed and cried for her.I was so scared but I know it was nothing compared to how my sister was feeling. Thank God for healing. Now imagine mothers with autistic kids, kids with cancer and other serious illnesses. the helplessness is terrifying.
Single Mothers. see its God that is behind single mothers because i don’t know how one person can carry the burden of raising a child alone. Then mothers that raise five, six or more on their own, go on to have great careers and all the children doing well… if I get pregnant today…man.
Most of us come from homes where our parents were always having constant issues but your mother chose to stay because of you. she felt, if she moved out the man would get married to another woman who will give birth to her own kids or who already has her own kids and you guys would not get the best treatment from her or your father. criticize all you want but she felt staying was the best decision to make for you. I know most people would argue and say its better for the parents to separate instead of putting the kids through all that emotional hell but when it comes to making decisions, you make them putting your kids first and any decision made, whether good or bad was made out of love so shut up.
That party she doesn’t want you to go to, that friend she doesn’t like…..she is right. Now we are older, we know. If i didn’t listen to my mother or if I wasn’t scared of what she would do to me if i did certain things, i know how I would have turned out. I would have turned out exactly like that my friend she didn’t like. of course they are not always right but most times they are. My mum was not too strict with me. she let me go out, she made sure she knew who my friends were….. she made sure i knew my limit.
Prayers. most of us don’t even pray anymore. like serious 5-10 minutes every morning with God kinda prayer. Our mothers are the behind the scenes, talking to God for us, bringing our silly asses before God. this is another act of selflessness. why would i pray for somebody that doesn’t even want to acknowledge the fact that there are spiritual battles going on for his sake?
I could go on and on and on and on. my God,the love. the undying, constant, unconditional love. Obama has power,world leaders have power, mothers? they are power. They rock. we love you guys.

P.S this post is not so named because of the movie but that’s what my little niece says when she is looking for her mum. ” where is the mummy?” lol.