Rape is not a joke no matter how lighthearted.
For every rape”joke” you have managed to remind thousands of women about an incident they can never erase or heal from. How careless can you be to throw someone’s pain in their face? That’s what a rape joke is. It’s a slap on the face to every victim. A mockery of a very serious situation. Its a pinch on a healing wound. Its very easy to say ” it was just a joke” but for a lot it’s more than that. It’s transportation to a place and time best forgotten. For a lot it’s a tickle of memories.
Rape can never be appropriate as a joke no matter how lighthearted. You know what is even more heartbreaking about these jokes? They always place blame. As if society doesn’t do that for us already. That joke about rape? Leave it alone. Leave it alone. Leave it alone. Leave it alone. There is enough pain without your obnoxious, ignorant reminder. Leave rape alone it’s not a joke. Don’t re-tweet, like, tweet, or defend a rape joke. Just one can be so damaging. *sigh* we can’t seem to say this enough just…please. stop reminding, stop laughing. It isn’t funny. Don’t mock a pain you haven’t felt.

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Why Don’t You Take Your Own Advice!?



This question is usually asked to someone who gives us some kind of advice that we don’t see him following, like the fathers who tell their children always not to smoke while they are themselves heavy smokers, they surely know that their children see them doing it but they still don’t quit it, and the youngsters here do not understand why they are being told not to do it while their idol is doing it, or for example the alcoholic mother who deprives her children from drinking, this is not understandable and really confusing to the children, if it’s really bad, why is their Mom or Dad doing it? In both of those scenarios, the children don’t know how much their parents are suffering from their own addictions and how much they are trying to keep their children away from this path, because they think it’s too late for them…

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God, You’re Such a Freak

lovely post by little growing pains. do you.

Little Growing Pains

“Psst. Over here.”

I glanced furtively to my left. Jamie was one row over, dangling a folded square of paper over the edge of her desk. A note. How could I grab it without attracting the attention of my math teacher, the man whose sporadic, jerky movements had caused many a piece of chalk to fly haphazardly into the face of an unsuspecting sixth-grader? I watched carefully as he called on someone at the other end of the classroom, extending my arm slowly and snatching the paper from Jamie’s fingers.

That test was BS, it read in her round, bubbly handwriting. Can you believe I got a 78? My mom is gonna KILL me.

I quickly flipped my own test face down, hiding the big red “100%” from Jamie’s view. I know, I scrawled underneath her words. Totally ridiculous. SO unfair. Before the teacher had a chance to…

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