what She Wrote..

Aim for the soul.
Happiness, truth, love, strength…find them
Find yourself.
Leave pettiness behind.
pressure and hate.
live in the moment, look for experiences.
open your heart and mind to possibilities.

Aim for the mind.
sometimes it will be hard to see all your blessings in the midst of chaos
try anyway. open your eyes and see.
Truth is hidden in actions, even the smallest ones.
you have insecurities, make peace with them, own them. they are yours.
A person is a person. not more
Don’t lock up your feelings.
if it hurts too much just sit through it and feel it.
it will pass, it always does.

Aim for the heart.
Don’t ever dim your light for anybody
people will love you, some long enough,
Don’t take that for granted or everybody will get hurt.
I love you, I miss you, I want you…feel it, say it, do it.
leave pride, run away from it
you wont find joy in some arms, its OK, you will be fine.
you must get hurt at some point, its inevitable but you can choose who hurts you.
sometimes its you. you get scared and mess up
you forget a bit and mess up.
you let a little thing get too far and you mess up
its OK. cry and move on.

Aim for strength.
The crying, fluorescent lights, shaky breaths, people wearing white telling you things with cold set eyes.
find strength anywhere. Don’t run away. Don’t hide behind fake smiles.
It will catch up with you at the most inconvenient time
and it will be hard to leave the house on those days.
don’t try to know everything. you don’t have the strength for its weight.
most of all love yourself. love yourself into a place you’ve never been.
explore yourself, your personality, get to know you. fall in love with you.
you don’t have to have it all together all the time, just find happiness and live.



Rip it off….

“Fear is a beast that feeds on attention”
I Came across that phrase in a book I read a long time ago. I was twelve or thirteen then but it has taken me this long to finally understand it. To describe the pain is as difficult as it is frustrating but some things cannot be dealt with by being weak. you can’t keep running away,pretending those problems don’t exist. the more you pretend, you keep picking at the wounds more just to keep tha band-aid on a bit longer. At some point you have to realise that life is for the living. don’t feed your fear.rip that band-aid off, face it and come out stronger.



I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent but few know how many women there are in me.- Anais Nin.

(This is a cute, deep quote. Makes you think…or this is just Anais confessing that she is possessed with ogbanje spirit and oyibo people didn’t understand but, we will never know)

The higher the mental development of a woman. The less possible it is for her to meet a congenial male who will see in her not only sex,but also the human being,friend,comrade, strong individual who cannot and ought not to lose a single trait of her character -Emma Goldman.