2016… Jane



I started 2016 still living with my two grown up brothers. In July, one of my brothers got married and then the other moved to his own apartment

I started 2016 with an open mind. I was not in a relationship and I was tired of relationships. I was also worried because my internship programme was about to end in May 2016. In April I was so worried that I added so much weight because when I eat then, I forget my worries. LOL . No boyfriend, no job choi.

God changed my story towards the end of April and I met my Fiancé. In October, I was blessed with a Job. I thank God my past relationships failed because my Fiancé is all I prayed for and much more. We did our introduction in December.

This years Christmas is the best Christmas ever  because I had so much peace. Travelling home over the years has not been something I looked forward to and even when I travel I don’t stay long because of the regular question “when are you bringing him?” “When are we going to eat your rice?”.

I thank God for making my 2016 awesome with his blessings . I never knew I will experience this joy today  and I’m so grateful for his blessings upon me and my family.

Thanks Cho, for this opportunity.


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