2016… Chide Ochicky



Where will I start or what should I say about the year 2016? I will say boldly that 2016 was a great teacher to me….. With practical life lessons for which my faithful God saw me through. The year was indeed Rosy with all its thorns and beauty. I had to learn that being an adult involves making important decisions and taking responsibility for your actions.

2016 saw me making a very critical decision about my career. It was also the year I learnt and had to practice important virtues like patience and hope. It is easy, when things are going well with us, to believe that no matter what, we can excel and overcome whatever may come our way but its only in difficult moments that you truly know how strong you are and this is what 2016 taught me well- my strength. I also came to understand what it truly means to have faith and depend totallyon God.

In all, this year I am grateful to God for the gift of family who stood by me throughout, the gifts of friends who helped me and encouraged me. I hope 2017 will teach me more about myself, help me grow personally and in God, and come with even greater blessings.


2016… Jane



I started 2016 still living with my two grown up brothers. In July, one of my brothers got married and then the other moved to his own apartment

I started 2016 with an open mind. I was not in a relationship and I was tired of relationships. I was also worried because my internship programme was about to end in May 2016. In April I was so worried that I added so much weight because when I eat then, I forget my worries. LOL . No boyfriend, no job choi.

God changed my story towards the end of April and I met my Fiancé. In October, I was blessed with a Job. I thank God my past relationships failed because my Fiancé is all I prayed for and much more. We did our introduction in December.

This years Christmas is the best Christmas ever  because I had so much peace. Travelling home over the years has not been something I looked forward to and even when I travel I don’t stay long because of the regular question “when are you bringing him?” “When are we going to eat your rice?”.

I thank God for making my 2016 awesome with his blessings . I never knew I will experience this joy today  and I’m so grateful for his blessings upon me and my family.

Thanks Cho, for this opportunity.



My year is not one that can be described in a word or two. One thing is certain though: I am not the same person I was last year.

CHANGE: My year began with a change of residence because I got a new job which I needed to report to within 48 hours in Lagos.

This change brought me lots of surprises;  I was relatively new in town. I needed to build more people management skills. The environment/culture was different from what I have been used to in my recent adult life. Learning how to live with my aunt and the family… their lifestyle was my first test. I think I did well though lol…my aunt might think otherwise.

WORK: At work, it was an entirely new experience as it was  a purely male team and I was the only female. Mixed with the a cultural theme, I learnt to improve my language. I learnt to be more humble, respectful and patient because I realized it takes more than your qualification to get the best out of people.  Most Importantly I became a better person. Some of the workers were amazed as they had a stereotype against the tribe I came from.

At the beginning of the second half, we had a case in court which meant some of our operations had to be put on hold-the salary as well. This only propelled me to double my hustle. I started working twice as hard, I learnt twice as hard, I networked twice as hard. In doing this I learnt and I grew, and like Robert kiyosaki  said, “I saw the benefit of not working for money.”  In the midst of not being paid, my brain opened up to other possibilities-new business opportunities. I even registered my business name. In a bid to learn more, I scouted the internet for free trainings and exhibitions. It was at one of the events that I met an exhibitor who become a mentor.Despite the pending the court case, the firm I work for has grown and is still growing, my network has grown and is still growing, I HAVE GROWN AND I’M STILL GROWING.

BUMPS: I have an ongoing certification exam.  I had to read on my own due to the inability to find a tutorial center, I didn’t pass the paper I entered for, but I am confident I will pass in January. Failure is painful though…

RELATIONSHIPS: Earlier in the year, I met a guy online. We both graduated from the same school…we agreed to date. After a while He kept comparing me with his Ex and another girl in his neighborhood. This made me feel depressed, like I was less of a woman. I decided to walk away and I am glad I did. Of course I was hurt, but then I began to read books and talk to friends and now I am more confident about my body and sexuality. I wear what I want and I have grown bigger than a myopic perception of one individual who was very wrong…sometimes all we need is the ability to just walk away. So yeah I had a ten month relationship…lol.

Talking about walking away, someone promised to give me a life changing deal, but for some reasons he felt my body should pay for it. I walked away from that too.

FAMILY: In October my mum had an accident that would have almost confined her to bed for life but God was faithful. He has perfecting her healing daily and didn’t make my siblings and I orphans this year. We needed funds for surgery and things became a little crazy but I was blessed. I was able to raise little funds because of the good networks and relationships I had built with people…Relationship is really everything.

2017: For the sake of time, I would have shared my Lagos Keke experience, plus my baptism into cinema visits, and my figure 8 craze, but I rest my case here. I look forward to walking away from lots of things in 2017, I look forward to being a better person, starting my business, breaking off toxic relationships and being more open to love.

The year came to a beautiful end as my mum can now walk, and sit by herself, full recovery still in process. This was my  greatest lesson of the year…MIRACLES DO EXIST!

My summary for the year, I CAME , I SAW AND I CONQUERED.



I was thinking of a nice way to write this…you know, a spin of positivity but I can’t. 2016 was all shades of fucked up. I made the mistake of going down one timeline on twitter that was all about the war in Syria. I didn’t sleep well that night. My country is still playing around with a bill that will provide cover, security and opportunities for women , we lost Prince, we lost a lot of great people . Donald Trump is now the President of the United States, England left Europe, all the Police shootings, the terrorist attacks, then the personal problems we all had to deal with as the world was going crazy…But one thing I know is that we have all learned something from 2016, we have all survived somehow so at least if you don’t have anything to be grateful for, that should be on the list. As usual, the end of the year review will be up soon. I hope you learn and I hope you grow.