Early morning sunshine,early morning rain

Mama Ralia will always stand to gain

Ten in five places,five in ten places

Akara, Buns, and fried yam will go places.

huddle under the shed if you are not in a hurry

keep your place ;it’s not yet ready

saving the day since before 80’s

Mama Ralia, her pans and fire places

early morning sunshine,early morning rain

Mama Ralia will always stand to gain.



Yes it must be because some of that things that go down here…A couple of days ago the 8th and present senate threw out the Gender and Equal opportunities bill-a bill that set out to incorporate and enforce certain provisions of the united nations convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. you see women have it bad everywhere in the world but my God, its 2016 you would think that we would have left that crap behind with the neanderthals. I mean, what better way to show women what you think about them. I would have been okay if we only had idiots in the senate, at least we don’t have to endure them forever. However I found out that over half of the male population in Nigeria still see women as property;like cattle. When a woman is raped its her fault. When she is physically abused its her fault. When she works hard and is able to afford nice things for herself she must have slept her way there or when stupid men are intimidated by her success its her fault for being too successful. One Ram even said “after giving them four months maternity leave they want equal rights.” This ram will have daughters that will grow up thinking its their place to endure all sorts of abuse from men.They rejected the bill because they know if that bill is passed they will no longer be able to beat their wives and still become a useless senator that will vote against gender bill. they know that they wont be able to rape and marry underaged girls and still be a senator. they know that women will have opportunities to go to school and make something of themselves and this scares them to Alaska. Even a lawyer whom you would think should know better said that if they passed the Bill his wife will sit down in the parlor and put her feet up while he pounds yam in the kitchen. We are in serious trouble in this country. A fourteen year old girl was kidnapped, taken to¬† the north and forced to marry her kidnapper and convert to Islam and some Men still found a way to blame her for her predicament. Like saying she was his lover and she enjoyed “it” would take away the fact that she is a minor under the Law. Imagine the police even trying to secure a private trial for the criminal meanwhile the little girls pictures were splattered all over the place and we dont know what the criminal looks like. This same senate tried to make it Legal for a man to marry many wives but a woman will immediately be stripped in public if she cheats on her husband. The patriarchy has eaten so deep that Mothers now advise their daughters not to expect their husbands to be faithful and to stay with their husbands even though he is physically abusive. Fathers have started raping their daughters and the little girls have nowhere to turn to because the first question they will be asked is ‘what were you wearing?’ Talking about culture and religion even irritates me more. Just because your parents did something doesn’t make That thing right. We have to drop it and move forward. Stopping that Bill does not mean it will die. That bill will be passed and I will see it enforced in my life time. It’s high time we stop cowering and leaving a handful of women to fight for us. Everybody needs to speak up against discrimination. This is part of the Legacy I will leave my Children ;a country where they dont have to be on unequal footing because of their gender. my kids will enjoy equal opportunities. Women will be free.