FEB 14TH…in the not so distant past (when men were men!).



Husband: Nkechi you know today is valentine’s day, take this money and cook my favourite vegetable soup and goat meat pepper soup. biko when you pound the yam make sure it comes out smooth and without seeds. you know how I like it now, ehen please buy plenty Odekwu and put in the fridge you know the boys are coming over to watch the Arsenal/leicester match this afternoon.
The wife on the other hand takes the money “delightfully” and walks away singing ‘* it shall be permanent, it shall be permanent, what the Lord has done for me, it shall be permanent Amen…* LoL
Fellas if you dont hear from me after today just know that I have been abducted by the women folk and held in a facility similar to Guantanamo and being forcefully interrogated to spill the names of my co-authors of “The Tight Ship Series” (in stores soon LOL) but Never!!! you should trust that JOJO is keeping it gangster * female voice yells in the background* “JoJo! come and do the dishes!!!
Ehen as I was saying, yes, I am keeping it gangster he he he…
But I believe in the idea of setting out a day to celebrate Love. I believe it is really about celeberating all the other days you showed love and most importantly I believe its a day to make up for the days you didnt so by all means fellas, make it magical for you and yours.
Happy Valentine’s day
Truly Yours,


For Eddy…My Constant.

In the darkness we can’t see a thing but we are not afraid because I can hear her voice and she can hear mine and I can see her smile and tears and she can see mine and as the world stumbles about us and as the noise becomes unbearable… I know that scent. I can feel that smile on her face, I know she knows how to get to me in the dark from wherever she is and I know that If I get lost she will find me and I know I am going to be just fine…my constant.

It’s getting Scarier by the day…

Because of social media, the world can see what African-American people have been saying through Rap music and other forms of art. The whole world became interested in what was going on. we watched videos of police brutality and it was painful. Black people started the black lives matter movement and that too became a problem. it’s almost as if they don’t care what happens to black people but God forbid they try to fight back.Beyonce dropped a song about this asking cops to stop shooting black people and they said its anticop. so pro cop in america is asking them to kill black people? America is on a path to repeating history. why are you mad that I created a platform where I can create opportunities,be celebrated and recognized for my work when you refuse to do just that? why are you mad that I am asking the police to stop killing black people? when you are not ignorant of the fact that the police have actually been killing black people. why are you angry when I love myself the way I am and I am happy without succumbing to the standards of beauty you set? what is it about fighting oppression that makes you so mad? When you witness these atrocities you conveniently look away but I can’t fight for myself? its 2016 but its 1950 all over again and its scary. this hate will be passed on from generation to generation unless people decide to wake up.