Somehow my 2014 spilled a lot into my 2015, for the first time in all my years of living I had never thought I would stop living in my family house. My dad woke up one day left us and my mum and many years later sold the house from where ever he was and then on the street we found ourselves. I saw this only in the movies but never saw myself in their shoes.
2015… God is a faithful God, I love him so much, and he showed up all the way and helped us through people I did never have thought of. I had a lot of concern as the year began, I felt a lot for my younger siblings but God has been father to us and a husband to my mum.
God does hold hands and even more then that carries us in times of storms. He is so dependable it beats all imaginations. I love God.
I have my own apartment now, paying rent is a new path but I hope to own my own house soon. My siblings are doing very well and my mum too. While it would seem we should be crying and worrying, we had a lot of good laughs and we are stilling laughing, I refuse to live life like I have no hope.
My business is growing and I got a job I like.
A very caring, God fearing boyfriend, he such a good friend.
I will say don’t leave God behind in your life’s journey. Be open to changes, it can work wonders in your life. Don’t take life too serious but love it and dare it.
If God is all you have God is all you need.
I am thankful for my mum, mummy Jane, Abiye aka leeanbyleean, oshole and God’sfavour. I couldn’t ask for better family members….My love to Rev Arome E Adah, Rev Mosi Mosugu, Pst Eben Mosugu, they have been fathers and friends to me and my household. Jide Olusola,Keli Oliseh, Ladi Abutu, Chinwe Udeze, Vicky Usman, Joy Odeh, Tosin Togunde, aunty Nnenna Mosugu, aunty Dupe Mosugu, aunty Ife Opara, aunty Tayo Idachaba, Emmanuel Ekpo, Styne Obaje, Priest of Praise, SGC Abuja, Excel family.
Cho Enape, for inspiring me to do is. You are a special friend.


I dont know how to write anything o but I know that God did a lot of things for me this year. Even though I lost a lot. I lost chi, I lost my job and I had to move in with an Aunt who doesnt even act like an aunt. my phone got stolen, my boyfriend said he is not doing again…plenty things. everything that could go wrong went wrong but I am still grateful to God. I have a place to sleep even though its like I am in hostile territory, I have a great support system of friends who are now family, my baby brother got admission this year, etc. I got great advice from people on how to cope with stress and everything. I am just grateful sha that I am alive to make everything right again with the help of God even though I feel like I am walking around with an open festering wound. Thank God for everything. 2016 will be great. it better be.


I did not make any plans this year. I was just going to ‘wing’ it and hope for the best. God had other plans for me though. 2015 was a year of hard lessons, growth, health scares etc. I got several opportunities to write articles for magazines and blogs, I became an ambassador for TCG, I travelled a lot… at the beginning things were just so confusing. I did’nt even know how bad things had become. I was still carrying that dark cloud everywhere with me.I was going through all the range of emotions covered in an Adele album; all at once. Anna Lyndsey has the perfect words for what I was feeling; “friendship plants itself like a small unobtrusive seed;over time it grows thick roots that wrap around your heart. when a love affair ends, the tree is torn out quickly, the operation painful but clean. Friendship withers quietly, there is always hope for revival. only after time has passed do you recognize that its dead and you are left ,for years afterwards, pulling dry brown fibers from your chest.” Great things still happened though. God gave us Nali, I aced all my papers, met all deadlines, finished my MIL course,took my first real selfie in two years, ended things, began things etc…on the whole 2015 was great but while I was doing all that I forgot to take care of myself hence all the solo trips to clear my head. I am grateful for my family, Iye, Eddy, Okpas and Mummy all of whom I look up to. I love how we rally around each other when one us needs it. I love how our bond has grown stronger over the years despite all the crazy things we have to deal with personally.I LOVE YOU GUYS.
I made great friends this year. Friends that treat me like I have known them for ages. They taught me and supported me and dealt with all my sudden tears and mood swings.I am grateful to God for being on my side even when I wasn’t on my side.I have learnt about the really important things in life,standing up for myself when I dont feel like talking or arguing. I have learnt that sometimes it’s okay to be selfish for your mental well-being. I have learnt that some decisions have to be made no matter how painful they are if you love yourself. I have learnt that not all fights are worth the heartache and even if you dont want to, just say sorry to save your relationship- you should always check your pride at the door when you are dealing with relationships that you cant afford to lose…I promised myself I was just going to write ten lines and be done with it but look at. Lol. anyway I know 2016 will be great. I am very optimistic about the new year and I have my 2016 mantra ready with me. OCEANS by Hillsong-

spirit lead me where my trust is without borders,
let me walk upon the water where ever you would call me,
take me deeper than my feet has ever wandered
that my faith will be made stronger
in the presence of my saviour
…and I will call upon your name,
and keep my eyes above the waves, when oceans rise
my soul will rest in your embrace
for I am yours and you are mine.



One comment on “2O15 EXCERPTS, BON NUIT…

  1. Eddy Achoba says:

    Love this!! So looking forward to excerpts from 2016. Love dat this has become a thing.


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