The Baby Crocodile in my Living room. (just an ordinary day)

No. we did not actually find a baby crocodile in the house but something else. One afternoon I was alone at home so I started making lunch. I got everything cooking and I went to sit in the Living room for a short spell then I heard a noise coming from the window behind me. All I saw was the snaky tongue of the “thing” and that was enough. I was all alone and I definitely didn’t want it to get inside the house and hide somewhere.after running around and screaming for a while, I saw the head of the animal and concluded that it was a baby snake trying to get inside. I called my mother whose office is thankfully five minutes away so she rushed home with a man and he tried to get it out. only it wasnt a snake anymore because it had arms and legs. at this point I was too scared to think straight and I am sure my mum was too because she went “O God its a crocodile!” err…crocodiles dont just wander about in Abuja. I have never even seen or heard of crocodiles just out and about like that but what time did we have for common sense. the man who was trying to help us just started laughing at us. anyway whatever that thing was, it certainly wasn’t scared at all. it wanted to get inside by all means but it eventually ran away. it wasnt a lizard or a gecko but thank God its gone and thank God it wasnt a crocodile.