My Eight…

It’s not that I don’t care about you. It’s just that while dealing with so much emotional higi haga and after dealing with too many people all at once, I just wanted to withdraw from the world to be alone and recharge, to figure this shit out and as my friend I thought you’d understand and even try to be there for me a little. But I asked for too much. so I had to go through all that alone and in the process I grew. I became more…me. I began to understand myself more and change. I now constantly seek growth and truth and live each day consciously trying to be a better me. My edges grew so much so that even though you are still in the picture, you are just not next to me anymore. we are still connected by unseen forces and I want to be there anytime you call me. I will move mountains to be there…I just wont sit back to have a drink afterwards. The silence will be too painful. Tomorrow might be different though. Everything might change BUT I still love. I still love you…my eight.

N.B: Just one of my usual nonsense. 😀