This year was the first that I began without joy in my heart and smiles on my face. I was looking forward to nothing. Confusion, anger and despair were the order of the day. I was so clueless and overwhelmed by the magnitude of challenges I would face. Because of one man’s death, my world crashed before me. I wasn’t used to doing some things on my own because Dad did it all. So I drowned myself in sorrow and pain. Depression set in and my blood pressure went over the roof. I experienced a crash course on life 1010 and learnt very quickly, the true meaning of ‘OYO’ (On your own). At one point I collapsed in the office, I almost died but God saved me. I am truly grateful for that. I have realized that there is so much to live for and I have decided that no one is going to steal my joy. I am grateful for the strength of family, unwavering love and above all I am grateful to God for giving me another chance at life. 2015 will be an amazing year for me and everybody I love. Here’s to a guaranteed splendid 2015

Let me keep this short and simple.

1- I am forever grateful for my family, Idoko, Miya and the little princess on the way. My life is so full because they are part of it.
2- I am grateful for my family, Mummy, Iye, Okpas and Cho, I love them so dearly.
3- I am grateful for the healing of my brother and my mum this year. If not for your grace o lord…
4- I am grateful for journey mercies; my husband has made so many frequent air trips this year i can’t count. God knows how my heart has been in my mouth every time he is in the air! But God has granted him safety. Thank u lord.
5- I am grateful for my job. Many do not have what I have. Thank u lord.
6- I am grateful that this year I made a step towards my dreams. (Edsensiq).
7- I am grateful that we all survived this year (without daddy) in peace and harmony.
8- I am grateful for Okpas.
9- I am grateful for the love I enjoy with my husband.
10- I am grateful for the gift of friends who make my life sweet.
11- I am grateful for my beautiful in-laws
Here is to an amazing 2015. Cheers.


I am grateful for the lessons of 2014:
The best time is right now: this is a very valuable lesson that I am still trying to master.
If you feel something, say it: if you are good at this, please teach me how.
If you need something, ask for it.
If you want something, go for it right now. Not later, right now!
Very important; the best time to spend time with friends is right now. (R.I.P Alex, Ryders, Achigbu 1985-2014)
Trust me when I say this: you are stronger than you think. The harshness of reality wont break you unless you let it. I never knew I could live a day without him, this 2014 I marked a year without the best person I ever knew. (R.I.P Daddy)
I realized that it’s not by putting in the longest hours, it is ultimately by Grace. On this basis, work hard and play even harder. It’s never by your might that you succeed but by God.

I could go on and on with my lessons of 2014 but I will bore you to death. Damn, I even bore me right now. How does Doctor Phil make this kind of stuff sound interesting? Lol. But truthfully, I am most grateful that I can write this and you can read it today.
Wish you all a very splendid 2015.

I started 2014 on a really low note but deep down, I wasn’t really bothered. I just had to act bothered so people don’t think my case is a hopeless one. I went to French school for a month and stopped, started learning something on peace studies and conflict resolution… and stopped. I told a girl what I really wanted to do and she basically laughed like ‘come back to earth.” So I stopped talking to people about that. I just couldn’t understand why people won’t let me be. Like I just wanted to be alive..i thought that was enough. I also had an angry phase where I pushed everybody away and just didn’t go out. I stopped talking to my friends too; I didn’t even want them to visit. I would stay in my room and read and read and watch movies and sleep. It was very unhealthy. I went for various interviews and they could just see the lack of interest in my eyes. A concert was coming up and I decided to go even though I was reluctant. That was the beginning of change for me. Things started to look up from there. I wasn’t so depressed anymore, I started going out more and just enjoying life. Then I got an awesome opportunity to volunteer for three months. I had the time of my life. I learnt so much in such a short time. Arguing with my work counterpart or just complaining about how our days went with my home counterpart. It was a very fulfilling experience.
Don’t ever drop your anchor at that phase where life is giving you a smack down. That’s the worst place to give up.
Rejection is often God’s protection.
Never ever be embarrassed to struggle and work hard for what YOU want.
The most truth can be found in the shortest of sentences and the smallest of actions.
The world should not dictate your life for you. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you.
Your mother will never stop annoying you or embarrassing you or waking up in the middle of the night to pray for you and cover you up with your blanket properly.
When someone annoys you tell them. Being quietly furious over unresolved issues causes wrinkles.
When you make a mistake, apologize.
Listen more…
I don’t have writer’s block. I am not cool like that. I have writer’s internet.
You can never read too much books.
EBooks are not so bad. I still love to feel the pages and I still love the smell of old books.
Not everybody has to be cool with your decisions, your lifestyle, and your personality. Just be happy.
Never fear lack that you decide not to give.

…. I am most grateful for
God. I feel him more when I try to pray and instead I just cry. I’ve been doing that a lot this year. I see him every day in people and things that happen to me.
My family. We have become even closer since Dad died. He did practically everything for us so finding our feet to stand alone and stand together was difficult but we did it. Mum still cries every day, we still cry when people are not looking but we are here, one year later.
My Friends. Ibingibo you have been a rock to me. I love you so much. Ejuojo, thank you so much for not giving up on us. Ummi,Ocho, Jane…I will do better I promise. Thank you guys so much. Tonye, I’ve been about you since ’99. Everybody, I love you.
New Friends and New Beginnings. When there is life, there is hope. I know it will get better.
2015 will be an awesome year.