On your marks, get set, cry.

Three whole months. that’s how long I am going to be away from home. I have no idea where I am going to but I am very excited and very sad. these days it’s a lot harder to leave my family for anything, I used to be so excited to leave home and get away for a while but now I have mixed feelings. I am a crier. I can turn on the waterworks for anything anywhere . people tell me I cry for useless things. I DON’T CARE. anyway, I am going to miss my siblings terribly and my mom…I cried all the way to the hotel room which was awkward for the driver then I got there and I had to put on my brave face. see me acting all mature and shit. I hope I have as much fun as they say this programme is because now I feel like shit. I miss them so bad.


One comment on “On your marks, get set, cry.

  1. Big sis ed says:

    Awww! We’ll miss u more boo. Keep ur head up


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