Lazy wooing and Other annoying shit.

This is just one of my rants.

Guys these days have lots of stupid shit to say about girls….please,all of you, have several seats. One or two bad experiences does not count for the female population on earth. Is this even why you guys have become so lazy you can’t woo girls anymore? You collect a girls number and you expect her to make moves like she is supposed to bow down at your feet because you took her number. What happened to love letters? what happened to romantic gestures? you don’t have to have all the money in the world you just have to be creative. Convince the girl,give her a reason to want to be with you. Don’t stand like a moron and expect the universe to drop her in your laps. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t take her to stupid places, be attentive,know when to back off. If you are just looking to take her on a joy ride without any serious intentions, thunder fire you. Don’t look for love in the wrong places. call her every day. Be honest. If it doesn’t work try and try again. There is somebody for everybody. don’t mess up.

PS:This is just me thinking out loud so don’t take me too seriously…or do. 🙂


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