Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.

I am so sorry I have not posted anything in a while. I’ve had loads of stuff to write about, You Know how weird things like to happen to me but somehow things just don’t work out.
Anyway, I was talking with my Friend about life and all the things we could have done differently,dates we could have done without and all that. we got to much serious things like how much impact we could have made in the lives of people etc.
I remember back in school, a little girl came and knocked on my door early one morning. she was dressed in her school uniform and she was selling bread. I thought of all the bad things that could happen to her. she was so small and cute. I saw her that evening and every other day selling bread. she knocked on my door one morning dressed casually and I asked her if her School was on break and she said no. Her mum didn’t have money for the fees, a thousand naira which is about six or seven US Dollars. At her age she shouldnt have been out by herself. Lots of things could have or may have already happened to her. I should have taken her home to her mother and explained why she shouldn’t be out alone. Its Illegal but even The police looks the other way because kids hawking stuff on the streets are so common and every body looks at these kind of Issues with sentiments like “they have to survive right?” but what about other dangers? Things they miss out on?
Anyway on my part, I cared too much about what reaction I was going to get from her mother and “couldn’t be bothered” to just try. we tend to blame others, anybody we can including the government for some of our issues when we do little or nothing to change. we say to ourselves,”somebody else will take out the trash, somebody else will call the police, somebody will take a stand against child trafficking, Tribalism, racism etc”. I need to Change. We all need to change so in the future we would have few and insignificant shoulda,woulda,coulda’s.


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