Not everytime culture,sometimes common sense.

“An elder sees sitting down, that which a youth cannot see at the top of the tallest tree”

you get the gist. elders are wiser than you because they have more experience and all.I am not here to put down culture or anything. I love our culture. It makes us unique and provides an angle through which we can view the world. I love some of the things it stands for. things I feel are essential in human interactions. I hate that some aspects of it are repugnant to humanity and justice. Education and exposure has made us aware of these things. we see the beauty of our culture but we now know to avoid those aspects that are bad. But sometimes you need to apply common sense. I read somewhere recently, a girl was waiting on a queue for her turn and a middle-aged man jumps the queue. she calls him out and he turns around to say that she has no respect. I don’t want to dissect this and argue that she may have used insulting words. Frankly,I don’t care whether her words were insulting. One does not put ones hand in fire and still gets surprised when one gets burned. These are some of the things that hold us back as a people. Some ‘elders’ think they are above and beyond correction especially when it comes from somebody younger. Respect is reciprocal. If you don’t respect yourself how do you expect others to respect you?
People calling out corrupt government officials and their reply is “you lack respect.” why would I respect a thief? why would I respect somebody with total disregard for rules and regulations? why would I respect someone who refuses to conduct himself in an oderly fashion? what am I respecting?
Yeah what an elder sees sitting down,a youth cannot see even if he climbs to the top of the tallest tree. so what is the elder looking for at the “top of the tallest tree?”


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