I want to Marry you….oops!

I met this really awesome guy at work and a friendship I never wanted to have, become a relationship. I already told him I wasn’t ready to have him fall in love with me and he accepted which was really fine with me because I was in a ‘supposedly’ serious relationship. As we all know the heart does whatever it wants whether we accept it or not so this my very awesome friend fell in love with me. It’s a beautiful thing to be loved but it’s really uncomfortable when you don’t actually love that person and he wants to carry on as if you do, so I put him straight. But again after being close friends for a while he surprises me yet again by proposing to me with a ring and I’m shocked and confused because deep down I knew he would make a great husband only I didn’t love him then and he knew I was in a relationship. My thoughts were “how could he do this to me?” I don’t want to be that woman who rejects a man and then starts regretting later, so I took his ring and told him he would have to give me time to pray about it which he agreed to. This same period I had problems with my boyfriend and we separated but then I wasn’t still sure what to do about this my friends proposal, though I think I’d already started falling for him only for me to one day just run into a picture of a girl at his place and have him confessing to have started dating her since he hadn’t heard from me. we were best friends for crying out loud! We practically saw each other everyday at work and he couldn’t just tell me he was in a relationship already and maybe save me the trouble of falling for him?!! Did he by some reaction to a nuclear accident forget that he had proposed to me and I still had his ring?! I thought my heart would break into a million pieces after this but then with prayers and a strong-will I’d never possessed in my life, I totally got over him, pushed him aside and moved on.
My Love is too sure and real to be played with.

By Miss OLO


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