I Left…..

we would be four years come 22nd of June ‎2014.
4 yrs, countless breakups and makeups, drama, pain, love and laughter and I left.
No explanation, no quarrel .
I woke up that morning and had a light bulb moment, we could never be together: too much water under our bridge… him with his total lack of commitment and me with my family’s dislike for his total lack of commitment.
I woke up and‎ realised that I cringed at his touch, his kisses no longer gave me butterflies
we no longer had anything to talk about. ‎
We just liked the comfort of the bubble we had created, the bubble of convenience.‎
I deleted him from my BlackBerry and blocked his numbers, he wants an explanation but how can I tell him I’m tired? 
Tired of loving him too much.
 Tired of patiently waiting for him to keep his word.‎
Tired of waiting for him to finally surprise me.
Tired of feeling stupid. 
Just plain tired.‎
‎Am I really done this time?? Or is it just another breakup to makeup.
I’m scared though. scared of my future, scared of the adventure that comes with looking for love, scared I’ll end up old and alone but then again isn’t that what life is – an adventure.‎
4 years and I left, no reason, no explanation, I just left.
My love is too strong and pure to be wasted.
Only Fitting that the first in this series should be from my best friend. I love you sweetie #takingcontrol.


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