To be Seventeen Again…. ( I still haven’t figured it out)


So Last Year during service I met my boss’s daughter. Cute and extremely shy. I thought I was shy but she takes the cake. Anyway, she had just finished secondary school and was waiting to get into university so she used to come by the office to hang out everyday. I was bored,She was bored…..A friendship was born. underneath all the layers of shyness was a really beautiful and intelligent young woman. I gave her loads of movies, she gave me loads of gossip from her school which took me back to my school days,I looked forward to going to work everyday because of her ( movies and books are really great tools used to begin friendships for me if you were wondering 🙂 ) We talked about boys and school and everything….I am not even twenty-five yet but I realised this baby knew nothing about anything because she didn’t hang out with friends or watch a lot of tv. She was too shy to do anything. I liked how innocent she was because of that so I was really worried when we were chatting over the phone and she asked if she could date a guy two levels ahead of her. The First thing I Thought was “oh shit. she’s going to get her heart-broken.
I don’t Know a lot about relationships but I wanted to scream “noooooo don’t do it! run away…” I wanted her to stay Innocent in a way… then I realised I was just like her When I got into university, I swore to high heavens that I was going to be baaaaad. I was going to do everything under the sun except get pregnant. I didn’t do any of those things though. In fact I ended up becoming a nerdy quirky girl so I have postponed my “badness” to when I get married. Anyway I remembered how excited I was so I didn’t freak out and tell her to stop. Instead I asked her to tell me all about him. We talked and talked and she gushed and gushed about how he makes her feel special, how he gets a bit jealous when other guys talk to her, and how she wants him to take her to meet his parents ( yikes!) and how he calls her his wife. ( I wanted to tell her that that’s how most guys here behave. even the ones you’re not that cool with. They see you somewhere and call you their wife just to feel familiar and its so annoying.) but I didn’t say any of that. she was too excited and I didn’t want to dampen the mood. ok I admit. I was excited too. C’mon! young First love! so dreamy,so innocent, so….. Anyway, I had to give her some advice though. I wasnt there with her and I don’t know the guy. He could be a real douche or a really sweet boy so I told her that even though I know she will get carried away by what he says, she should watch carefully for how he treats her when they are alone and when they have company. How his friends treat her and how his friends behave generally because Action speaks louder than words. One woman asked me to tell her about condoms and pills and I just told her “absolutely No sex!”. Also she shouldnt get too caught up in love that she forgets to study. I hope she remembers and even gets better advice from someone with more experience and if it doesn’t work out, I hope she has strength. The first cut is really,truly the deepest.

I love you D.


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