4am. 4am who the hell calls at four fucking am!? I cannot begin to wrap my head around this absurdity. I ignore the call thinking he will be sensible enough to realise that I am sleeping, then he calls again. and again and again. I get out to bed as any form of sleep at this moment will have to be induced. I go to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of milk and think about the events of the night before which has caused Henry to forget his brains in his arse…….
It looked like it was going to be a very promising evening, lots of food, wine and great conversations. I met Henry roughly three months back and we have been doing this dance of getting to know each other and even though he’s always ‘spitting game’ and all, I have played it cool. I liked him and all but I liked the pace and I didn’t want anything to change….I wanted things to just happen you know? anyway,so far so good.Henry Invited me out for a mini dinner party with some friends and I agreed. I don’t know why I was giddy about the thing. I was just….excited. so I got dressed, light make up, flats, my hair down, I looked great (if I dusse so myself). He came to pick me up by five. I love it when I don’t have to get myself to things like this. I always appreciate the effort since I live almost an hour away from the city centre. so at the dinner, everything was going well and everybody was having fun untill a woman walked in. she was obviously a friend of somebody at the dinner and she knew henry as well. so she looks over at where Henry and I are seated and goes ” Mr xxxxx, really nice to see you again, is this your wife?” I should have started paying attention at that point but I just felt she was just kidding around but then Sadiq now goes “that’s true we haven’t seen her in a while o, why are you hiding her now?” I don’t know but I think I stopped breathing for a couple of seconds. mortified, I step outside for air and to call my cab guy to come and take me home. Henry tried to get my attention so we could go somewhere private to talk,kept pinging and sending messages and all till I left. I quietly went off to bed to sleep the confusion off before I was rudely woken up by his calls. I am much calmer now though and just like every problem I’ve ever had where I can’t do anything about it, I pushed it all away, locked up somewhere in my mind and hopefully with time I will forget. I want nothing more to do with Henry but I have trained myself not to harbour anger.
Joy comes in the morning right? I switch off my phone, take two pills and go off to bed.

Another Lousy attempt at Fiction but hey, I am not aiming for a pulitzer šŸ˜‰


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