A Cup Of Ambition….Please.

Can I have a cup of ambition please
To help me want to open my eyes in the morning.
To help me remember to say my prayers
To help me to remember to smile
To help me not resent the world.
Please hurry up….the cup of ambition
I’m Tired. I’m Tired. I’m tired. I’m so tired .
I see him everywhere, I miss him all the time
I don’t know how to share there’s no one there to hear.
I’ve lost my will to live….yeah turn up I’ll be on my couch.
Don’t talk to me….I don’t want to talk to anyone….leave me be but please don’t take it personal
I’m changing rapidly. I’m scared of this new me. I don’t know her but she is empty. I push away people I fancy, people who fancy me…pfft…I don’t even care anymore….This New Life….His absence….I think it wants to break Itself on my back….It wants to break me….
I won’t break. He never broke, So I won’t break.
But it hurts so bad.
It hurts that I love this loneliness. It hurts that nobody can see through my act….who am I kidding. I’m perfect. Nobody can see through except God.
Can I please have a cup of ambition please….lots of sugar
Very soon,with God I’ll be at ease.


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