Fact,Fiction and Friendship: Angel eyes.

wow. who is this girl? she seems so nice I’m going to ask her to be my friend. Ndidi. that’s how we became friends. we shared her bed and my locker and it was great. just two twelve-year olds having fun and dealing with “eloho” together. our nemesis that year,but sometimes good things come to an end and it did. we had a fight about something…i’m sure it was very silly but then we weren’t friends anymore. we still talked but…

this story is not about that though. it’s about Chioma and Ndidi and I….so two years later we had grown up a little and those two had become great friends. I met chioma the previous year and liked her instantly. I didn’t know she liked me back until she ran to hug me when I came back late to school one time…we didn’t hug though because she fell and sprained her wrist. she’s a fireball that one. 🙂
so yeah…back to the story…I didn’t have a seatmate and both didn’t even have seats in our new class so I figured we could share mine till they find theirs….they never did but I was cool with that. God we had fun. uncle bennet, sidi and baroka,archie comics and the importance of telling the truth because chioma the investigator would find out. Always!….and there were times we each had our ‘scandals’ in school and looking back, it was nice to have someone who was on your side regardless of how they felt about your recent “fuck up”. The James ebute incident? after receiving my punishment I went back to those two and cried, then I went to my room with my brave face I mean,after all I was known for my ability to “chest- one prep night, I had foolishly gone in place of Alasia to go and get ‘punished’ by “p.o damisa” and smiled while my fingers throbbed with pain. This guy would deal with you till all the blood cleared from that area and your skin became slightly transparent for a few minutes. I kid you not. After prep that night, I couldnt even take my clothes off. I just went to bed quietly and slept off the pain.I was a foolish child then. lol.
so we move on to the next year and this year….this was the year I got to know chioma really well. we got into serious trouble together,she was the one I would run to when I had ‘gist’,she had a witch for a school mother and we were all obligated to provide dinner for some seniors or face death each and every night.The dinning hall prefect became our best friend he just had to oh and our friends who came to seek assylum in our room. hanny and soty…we had fun that year. we formed a clique just because we wanted one. Chioma, Ndidi and I, then we invited some girls to join and the main purpose of the clique was to eat food. it was glorious. untill the night we ate Ndidi’s food she was furious. anyway, the others kinda left the clique for one reason or the other and it was just us three left. then Ndidi and chioma had a fight. I don’t even know what it was about but I knew it was not forever. Those two loved themselves to bits. It was valentines and I got a cute kitten. I am terrified of cats but I had to pretend because word could travel fast back then. I would keep it in my bed and kick it out after lights out and my friend, chioma would help me carry it to class and it would climb all over her buxom body and all the boys would drool and wish they were the kitten. oh also there was a senior who was crazy about cats so she would take it and it would be with her for daaays. I took it home for mid-term and my mother gave it away…norix was its name. what kind of name is norix anyway? then I broke up with my boyfriend and rumours started going around and it was pretty shitty. There was even one that said Chioma and I were lesbian lovers. hahahahaha. Ndidi had her own problems, she used to like a certain short dude but he was just doing anyhow…The seniors in her room were little witches but we all got through that stage…Ndidi is a very brave girl I mean, so many horrible things people would say to her but she was still so strong and confident and she was blossoming, slowly but it was happening…
Then along came poko and my friend Chioma was gone in the brain. literally. like we would tease her about his head and she would just have this silly grin on her face it was terrible to watch but also so sweet at the same time. terrible because he was a year ahead of us and well that rarely ever worked did it? but sweet because she was in luuuuurrrrrvvvvv…. that was a roller coaster year for each of us. and that was also the year of the ass for Ndidi. her ass that is. damn. 😀
Chioma came with her phone to school which was pretty awesome till one scally wag snitched. everybody warned Chioma but nooooo she wants to be friendly,she likes her, bladi bla bla. well there you go….

visiting days,punishments,laughter, tears and a broken bottle of Chioma’s favourite perfume, our last year together came around.we had watched our classmates steal each others boyfriends and stab eachother in the back poko had left school, Ndidi had long since moved on from the short boy debacle and all other rubbish the other kids were spewing and I was single like a pringle. life was pretty normal until the letter. that letter served as the beginning of the boys vs girls war and we all just couldn’t wait to leave school… then I almost had a fight with Eloho because she told chioma she could not bathe in the bathroom because she just had it cleaned. I was on the way to the bathroom myself and I said how can you tell us not to bathe so we went ahead. let me just say this, I was pretty sure the girl was going to beat me black and blue. I mean..we were scared of that girl. she was strong and mean. Anyway Eloho came to clean out my teeth and fleece my skin but she just yelled and yelled and threatened till she left. ( Thank you master Jesus) I almost peed my pants. Chioma laughed at me through out that day. oh my God how can I forget Sotonye’s great bathroom fall?!!! we were hiding in the toilets because we didnt want to go out for labour like seven or eight of us. so we started to tip toe out to check if the officers had gone then Sotonye slipped, danced,danced,danced and finally fell on the floor it was hilarious and I started laughing. The other girls thought I was being mean so I tried to stop laughing. we helped Soty up but we had to hide again because the officers were back. after a while we were tiptoeing out again and then Sotonye slipped again! This time it was simply glorious and the other girls couldn’t help it. It was just too funny. It wasnt funny later when Soty’s body started hurting but lord. hahahahaha…..we had lots of moments together…great and not so great moments….Chioma,Ndidi and I.
.. then the great big fight about nothing. I and Chioma just stopped talking and it was annoying and painful but we still joined our bunks together every night.hahaha. at least she ended that stupid quarell with Ndidi and they became best friends again…we picked our friendship right back after school but then life happened…school, distance, we havent seen each other in years but we will soon,hopefully
..Ndidi is a budding OAP..Chioma is an entrepreneur and I became a Lawyer 😀 …I have the best memories with those girls, I love them with all my heart. we all have a piece of each other with us wherever we are, wherever we go….Old friends are truly Golden.



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