c’est la friggin vie! (King James version)

These be the words which I speak unto all that graceth this blog with their presence:
Knowest thou you that shit doth happeneth? For how long will thou continue to blame thyself for every bad thing thou hath done or experienced? Knowest thou not that life happeneth around you everyday? For how long will thou continue to focus on the wrong things? For how long will thou continue to be bullied into submitting to another person’s version of how to live your life? Is thou not tired?
Knowest thou not that if thou doth focus on the wrong things…Ye shall lose out on the best experiences of life? Money, status etc all are good and splendid to have but to acquire them must thou lose sight of what is really important? Does thou love? Does thou have joy in thy heart? Is thou at peace? Is thou patient? Is thou kind and good and faithful and gentle? Does thou have self control? Those are what’s really important in this life. Thou must not give in to the pressure to conform to the accepted ways and behaviors. thou has been given brain to use, to imagine, to create…..why then does thou rely on another’s creation?
Thou sayest to me: but i’m being pressured to do this and that. Hear Ye this day, it is only pressure when thou stoopest to let the world place that burden on your back. Thou must shut thy mouth, stop complaining and stand up.
This is life.
It’s full of ups and downs but it is thou alone that maketh it a sad life or a happy life. Sure there is an impending world war three somewhere in the future ( God forbid) and putin is our modern day mini, mini,extra mini Hitler, hunger,ebola virus :s and all the other bad things but that does not mean there are no good things to focus on. There’s love, kindness..good food, great conversations,red wine,great friends, ice cream and plantain etc…mmmmm plantain. soft,oily golden , buttery brown goodness of li *slaps self*…babies, sun, rain, sheldon cooper and all the other great and wonderful things that thou thinketh in thy heart.
This is life…love it with all thine heart,live it with all thine might and it will be lovely.


NB: I’m sorry. 😀


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