Two stories: puppies and road rage.

1. One of my puppies ran out the gate and into the neighbors farm. I went out to get it. I called and whistled but it just wouldn’t come. I couldn’t go n get it because….better the snakes get him than me you know…( I love you puppy). Genius. Let me get the bigger dogs to come get it, I thought. But they wouldn’t come outside the gate. You see usually they sneak out and wait at the gate till someone opens up but me giving them green light to go out was strange.( that’s why they should legalize marijuana. once it becomes okay to smoke it, fewer people would smoke it because…no thrill) Hahahahaha don’t mind me. marijuana is bad for you.) anyway, Pharaoh finally came out…then subsidy. and when my beloved puppy saw her mummy and daddy, she followed them back into the house. this is a completely pointless story but I thought it was sweet so stop rolling your eyes and yes one of my dog’s name is subsidy because we got her on the day that subsidy /occupy Nigeria stuff started.

2. I’m a new driver that doesn’t have a big red L.I drove out last Saturday to go get stuff from one supermarket and I almost hit another car. I was day dreaming which is terrible for me because I get lost. Totally lost in it. And if you must know this particular one was about a boy and how we would fall in love. Anyway I had this stupid grin on my face as I very nearly almost hit the other car and the man screamed at me : you dey mad o! Something dey worry you!. I drove away not minding him. Let me become an expert first you will see road rage. Speaking of road rage okpase is the prince. “My friend get out! I will jam this Idiot. Look at. Just look at. Why is this one making noise? If you enter my front. MOVE!!!! Etc…it’s scary to watch because after screaming all those things he would just easily fall back into whatever conversation we were having. Oh and he never yells if it’s a fine girl driving. If it’s a married woman he’d just say “Urgh. Women shouldn’t be allowed to drive”. And if the car is fine and shiny? You can enter his front.smh.


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