Patati Patata

I hate dating. Ok I love it. But I hate the beginning “oh I like you but I want to know if you like me too and I want to try with all my might to make you believe that my poo is glitter.” in fact the beginning part of dating is shit on a stick handed to you to use to paint white walls, the seven colors of the rainbow. “oh let’s get to know each other”..then you discover you guys can’t be together because you got to know yourselves then the thing turns out to be a complete waste of time. which brings me to Mr F. The thing with Mr F has fizzled out because we got to know each other and quite frankly, he did nothing for juniorrette. Don’t get me wrong Mr F is gorgeous but he’s just one of those people who wake up, go to work and think of money all day everyday. They know nothing about anything else. Conversations with such people are so tedious you’d want to shoot yourself. Anyway, I was surprised to get a call from him, expressing his undying ‘affliction’ for me, patati,patata. we parted as friends ( not really) and no I’m not heartbroken or slightly sad. At least not about Mr F anyway. I’m heartbroken about Mr E. The one before Mr F who in My friend Yinka’s theory, is responsible for the demise of my interest in Mr F but I don’t listen to Yinka. She has cats. She didn’t get the feline creatures herself but she lives with them so she is not to be trusted. I will talk about Mr E another time. My mummy is screaming my name downstairs. She wants to tell me about how I don’t hear word and how I don’t like answering her which is a trap because if I answer her we will go back to how I don’t like hearing word. Gotta love mumsco.xx


2 comments on “Patati Patata

  1. Ingi says:

    Hmmmmm, all this Misters??? Mr S is d one oo!! #strollsaway😐


  2. Haha haha. Yeye geh.


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