On Strenght….

There are some people who make you want to spend all day staring inside their heads, wondering, “how the hell do they do that?!”. @thisconnectd is one of such people and here is what she has to say on strength….

“We tell people they are “strong” when we are uncomfortable with their pain and would prefer that they shut up and not bother us with it. To say “but you are strong” is telling someone “i don’t think you should feel that way” and it’s not a compliment. I don’t think that strength means being invulnerable, or pretending that you are. The belief that silence and stoicism are inherently good qualities is how you end up dressed up like a bat punching criminal in an alley.its not a good road to emotional health…be sad. be angry. let your heart break- in the diner, on someones futon,in the park, on the way to the zoo, at brunch,over drinks, in the therapists office, on the bus-wherever it breaks, let it break all the way open, let it run out and down and spread out in a soggy puddle at your feet…say “I’m sorry I can’t listen to you today, my heart is broken, will you sit with me a while and I’ll tell you about it?” say, ” I can’t take care of you today, but you can take care of me and maybe tomorrow i will take care of you…”

-Makingtherightnoises @thisconnectd

NB: Follow her on twitter for more doses of awesomeness…xx


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