things are happening

Friday you fey creäture. I love thee so much. however I type this post without the usual excitement about all the naughty things I think I could have done with thee in my head……. in the comfort of my bedroom. you see, I actually don’t like my house now. it’s so empty and disgustingly quiet and so far away from town. oh and its harmattan season and you just keep seeing layer upon layer of dust five minutes after every wipe down,seriously and my extra tummy is not helping at all. did I mention my extra tummy is not so extra anymore? 😀 My little niece reminds me every time she wants to play catch with me and I start breathing like a dying animal after two seconds,that I really don’t need that ice cream or cake now.Another reason is, visitors that come keep looking at me with pity in their eyes. you can’t blame them but it irks my soul like on one lovely Wednesday, Mrs Z came with her kids and we all said hey,and welcome and all, then she walks into the kitchen where I’m with her youngest and goes ”have you greeted her? didn’t I tell you what happened to her?” at this point I’m walking away to go and get an imaginary pot from anywhere….anything to not be there but I couldn’t leave fast enough….I overhead them whispering….sigh. I love Mrs Z but I did not like that. anyway…new year,new resolutions and one of them is to do stuff because i want to even though I know the world would gasp and point and judge me till the end of my days. they are very simple things but when you do it, the reaction you get its like you murdered a baby and you are wearing its skin on your head like a hat. too horrific an image? I’m sorry. Anyway,I was thinking about the fact that people put so much time and energy focusing on trivial things like what other people wear, they forget to trim or at least cover up their horrible attitudes. Sure you can talk about it…laugh and gossip about what someone else wore…you humans need that sort of shit but to go beyond that,letting it overwhelm your soul is a bit much don’t you think? Don’t just let your horridness hang all out meanwhile the wearer of the ‘atrocious’ outfit is just going on his/her merry way. you are obviously loosing. sigh…. humans….when i rule the world, I’d send anyone that doesn’t want to enjoy life without paying too much attention to others to Pluto. i have to stop now….there is a battle in my uterus and my soldiers are loosing… xx


3 comments on “things are happening

  1. jojo enapson says:

    Not just a good story teller and writer…she’s also quite the comedian ah ah ah @battle in my uterus….


  2. amaka says:

    Choga! I dint kno u were such a commedianne.meanyl,wherz me n chioma’s story?


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