Road trips and Musings.

I love road trips but I was not looking forward to this particular one. I wanted to go but at the same time I didn’t want to go. Any way the journey was not entirely uneventful because we had a little accident….scary stuff. have I mentioned my new friend? Let’s call him Mr F. He is amazing in every way. He has been the friend that I really need,this crazy time of my life. My emotions are just everywhere but he’s just there anytime I need to vent all the nonsense in my head. He even offered to come with me on this not so desirable road trip..yeah he’s very sweet. Thank you Mr F. So anyway, I can fit into my old jeans now..So the holiday was not so bad. I loved how baggy some of my clothes were…by the end of January I’ll be back!
2013….you were not very nice to me you know…2014 will definitely be better….i hope. because now I’m at rock bottom-bottom. I better go now.


One comment on “Road trips and Musings.

  1. jojo enapson says:

    My sister is quite the writer..

    Brilliant stuff kiddo


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