Why Don’t You Take Your Own Advice!?



This question is usually asked to someone who gives us some kind of advice that we don’t see him following, like the fathers who tell their children always not to smoke while they are themselves heavy smokers, they surely know that their children see them doing it but they still don’t quit it, and the youngsters here do not understand why they are being told not to do it while their idol is doing it, or for example the alcoholic mother who deprives her children from drinking, this is not understandable and really confusing to the children, if it’s really bad, why is their Mom or Dad doing it? In both of those scenarios, the children don’t know how much their parents are suffering from their own addictions and how much they are trying to keep their children away from this path, because they think it’s too late for them…

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One comment on “Why Don’t You Take Your Own Advice!?

  1. ZAHABI says:

    Thank you for the reblogging 🙂


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