” Friendship is not about being inseparable. Its about being separated and nothing changes”

I was nine or ten years old when I met her. We met in church, Sunday school class…during a short break my friend Uche came over and told me about the hilarious twins in our class she just met bla bla bla….It was so easy to make new friends when we were kids wasn’t it? Anyway Ingi and her twin became my friends too and we’d sit around each other during Sunday school class…I found out Ingi loved singing…she and her twin would tease me and squeeze my “ponytail” and scream ‘polimpompom’…we’d quarrel, make up and all that childhood stuff.
Then we met in secondary school, I found out we lived so close to each other….well we’ve been friends ever since…
Ingi is really special. I moved from Port Harcourt,went to University in a different state…we missed out on like six years of each others lives. We weren’t calling constantly or sending messages or anything like that but unlike many other friends,we never grew apart either… Ingi is the only person I can honestly feel comfortable telling how I’ve screwed up recently without expecting judgmental talk in return. She tells me the truth, teases me, laughs at me, listens to my nonsense…she is the only one of my friends I talked to when I really needed a good cry….we were in church that day and I dropped the news on her laps and started crying and pretending I had something in my eye and she didn’t make me feel weird…
Ingi, I’d do anything for Ingi. She can be a bitch sometimes but she has proven herself time after time even though she may not know it. Every word of advice, every tease, every silent understanding…everything..I love her so much and I pray to God that even though I know life will get in the way, work, husbands, kids etc…I pray that through the years to come, no matter what I’d still be able to pick up my phone and call my friend to cry, gossip, laugh or just…whatever and it wouldn’t be weird at all. I love you sweetie.
P.S: you just put me up for sale for 50kobo. What’s up with that? :s


One comment on “IBINGIBO

  1. Ingi says:

    Omg!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i’m soooo proud of u my friend….


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