My baby packed his suitcase and left. Please don’t ask me why.
No more long calls talking about nothing in particular ….about everything we know
No more back and forth texting ten to fifteen times a day
I can’t call you when I have good news….any news at all…God it hurt me so much the first time I reached for the phone and realized I had absolutely no one to call….that was the first time I cried.
All my friends think it was my fault we didn’t work. (Yeah you were that great *rme*) I don’t really know who’s fault it is and I don’t care.
Emeli Sande’s suitcase describes my situation perfectly….
What changed so quickly?
It hurts when you don’t know why something so beautiful ended…
I miss him all the time…I always remember Us together…
I couldn’t stop my heart leaving through the door…
I have tried to move on but God that Man ruined me for any other person. He was sooo perfect! I just felt if I wrote down how I feel I’d be able to stop thinking about him so much. Thinking about my baby
My baby. My baby packed his suitcase…please don’t ask me why


2 comments on “Suitcase

  1. ZAHABI says:

    Hehe you made me search for Emeli sande and hear the song!! …Just hope you get over your experience soon.


  2. Ib says:



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